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[Interview] ORICON's PSP (PS Company's People) 1800 vol. 12 Feat. Kai (the GazettE) & NAOKI

[Kai] ¿Sabías que? Esta platica (proyecto de dialogo), no tiene ningún objetivo (lol).

— 30 minutos, Estoy descargandote
[NAOKI] Descargandote, eso dices (lol)!
[Kai] Ahahaha. Te lo dije (lol). Yo también me sorprendí! Ese tipo de persona existe realmente.

— Ah, estás hablando de mí. Soy el secretario.
[NAOKI] Dices que eres el secretario (lol)!
[Kai] Ahahaha. Eso es bueno~, con este ritmo!
[NAOKI] Hey, tu dijiste que nos estabas descargando, eso esta bien, apesar de que esto se podría convertir en una platica de cosas malas.

— Eso no se puede evitar
[Kai] Ahahaha (risa estruendosa). What’s with this mood, so interesting!
[NAOKI] This seems like it’s going to be fun, Kai-chan… …
[Kai] Yep! This is going to be a lot of fun!
[NAOKI] Ah, that’s good to hear.

— Kai-kun, since you really like NAOKI, right.
[Kai] Yes! I really do. Or rather, I love him.
[NAOKI] …  … Ah, um, thank you. I feel like drawing back a bit.
[Kai] Ahahaha. Don’t draw back! Honestly, I really do like NAO-san, ever since [ARENA37ºC] (magazine) did a series about you. Every time I was always looking forward for it, and I read it every month! I really liked that series.
[NAOKI] Eh, ah, is that so!? To that extent?
[Kai] Yes. Let me say it again, I like you a lot.
[NAOKI] Ah, thank you. Then, why did you call me today?
[Kai] First of all, NAO-san would like to know why I called you.
[NAOKI] Yep. It’s a bother.
[Kai] Ahahaha. Don’t say that~. Don’t you like me too (lol). Let me tell you that, in this world, these two guys are searched for. Just for a little while (lol). These two guys that I am referring to, that is to say, are NAO-san and me. I used to do a net radio show called [Kai-radio], and NAO-san came once as a guest. Since then, the fans kept asking, “Let us hear that combi once again!” Just for a little while (lol).
[NAOKI] Yes, yes, of course, I was asked to do that, right. Although it wasn’t an uplifting talk (lol).
[Kai] No no no no no, wasn’t it quite uplifting (lol)! I thought it was very interesting. For some reason, when I’m with NAO-san, I become a different person.

— For sure. Today too, you’re becoming a different person. You’re bursting, Kai-kun (lol).
[NAOKI] That’s right, I have no idea why, but he’s always laughing. Moreover, he laughs so loudly. Today, I’ve become worried if the photo checking will be okay. That’s because he’s been laughing aloud while looking up, right from the start. Is this okay?
[Kai] Ahahaha (roar of laughter). It’s okay. Since this is fun (lol)!
[NAOKI] However, in Kai’s case, there’s this thing called “NAOKI in his troubled times”, right?
[Kai] Yep, that definitely existed (lol)!
[NAOKI] See.
[Kai] Ahahaha. You said ‘see’. Hahahaha (roar of laughter). It’s interesting!
[NAOKI] Well, however, during that radio show the distance between us narrowed, right.
[Kai] Right, right. For me it can’t be helped that I’d like to try talking about NAO-san in his presence, but up until the time he was invited to the radio show, all I ever said to him was “good morning”. But when he showed up at the radio show, the distance between us narrowed in an instant. Well, I thought it was great that you came. I thought, the door had opened.
[NAOKI] Wait, wait a second, isn’t this weird? Why should I open my door to a junior such as you (lol). Moreover, it’s like you’re saying “I’ve successfully opened NAOKI’s door!” (lol). Well but you’re not mistaken, though (lol).
[Kai] Ahahaha. I like that you said that (lol). No, no, however, what I meant by that was, rather than opening your door, I felt like I was being accepted. It’s great that I can even come to this point! That’s the kind of discovery that I meant. I felt like I was being told, “Come again!” by NAO-san (lol).
[NAOKI] Oh well, but it was fun for me too. Then, why did you call me today?
[Kai] Ahahaha. Because I wanted to talk to you (lol).
[NAOKI] That’s it!?
[Kai] Yes (lol). And then, also to ask you, “Can’t we do a radio show together?”! See that, now that I’ve made an appointment through a media like this in front of everyone, you can’t possibly decline, right! That’s what I am aiming for (lol).
[NAOKI] You’re using your head huh, Kai.
[Kai] Yes (lol).
[NAOKI] Before this he also did it. In the show for the international fanclub, I get appointed to be the host. And in that show, before this, Kai came as a guest. That time, in the middle of the live airing, he said, “NAO-san, let’s do a program just the two of us!” (lol).
[Kai] Ahahaha. Yes, yes (lol). But it was a really awesome influence! I said then, please make it happen!
[NAOKI] For real~?
[Kai] Really, really. Don’t you also want to do it, NAO-san? It’s been decided that you want to do it too. It’s decided!
[NAOKI] Ahahaha. What the hell was that, you (lol). ‘Doesn’t NAO-san also want to do it?’ (lol)
[Kai] You do, don’t you.
[NAOKI] Don’t just decide it (lol)!
[Kai] This is as good as being decided. Nah, but honestly, I really, really like you, NAO-san! Generally speaking, I like humanity.
[NAOKI] But this is a pleasant thing.

— Is this to the point of, if you were a girl, you’d want to go out with him?
[Kai] If I was a girl, I would go out with him. I would definitely fall in love with him. Furthermore, maybe without saying I liked him, we would be living together (lol).
[NAOKI] That’s impossible.
[Kai] It’s not impossible! It’s fine. I’m confident that we would be together 24 hours a day.
[NAOKI] I have no such confidence.
[Kai] Ahahaha. Yes, you do. It’s alright.
[NAOKI] That was a really stupid thing to say (lol).
[Kai] Even now, as a man, I’d like to give it a try in my place. I’d like to try living together.
[NAOKI] Don’t say such a stupid thing (lol)! Absolutely no chance!
[Kai] I want to see NAO-san at home.
[NAOKI] I don’t want to show myself to you.
[Kai] Show me (lol). Hey, let’s do a show.
[NAOKI] I’ll think about it.
[Kai] It’s okay, even though I like you to this extent.
[NAOKI] Despite saying that, this guy is so irresponsible. A while ago he invited me to attend the GazettE’s live, but because it overlapped my own live, I couldn’t go. But for the sake of saying something, I mailed him, “Do your best today!” 2 seconds later, the mail I sent returned to me because of an error. What the hell was that!
[Kai] Ahahahaha. That’s wrong, that’s wrong. Recently I changed my (mail) address! That’s why I haven’t been able to sort everything out properly (lol).
[NAOKI] And then, I immediately erased Kai’s phone number from my telephone book (lol).
[Kai] Wait, wait! Hang on, here, my address! Let’s get that noted now. Please lend me your phone! Hurry.
[Kai] Don’t say no (lol). Come on, let me borrow your phone! I’m not letting you escape now (lol).
[NAOKI] Ahahaha (lol). You know my personality so well, huh (lol).
[Kai] Yes, yes (lol). Because I like you (lol).
[NAOKI] You said that so often. Although I failed to send my mail. I even properly stored Kai’s birthday in my cellphone.
[Kai] Really!?
[NAOKI] Yes. It’s May, right.
[Kai] No, that would be REITA.
[NAOKI] Ah, is that so, REITA’s huh. Kai is much earlier than REITA, right.
[Kai] No. My birthday is much later than REITA (lol).
[NAOKI] Ah, that’s right, that’s right. In November, huh.
[Kai] It’s in October (flatly).

Becoming his true origin with NAOKI  

— You two are both to blame.
[NAOKI] Right (lol).
[Kai] You can’t just say ‘right’! But I like this kind of moment, irresistibly!
[NAOKI] However, even though Kai kept saying let’s do a radio show together, but at the actual take he was reading the script the whole time.
[Kai] Ahahahaha.
[NAOKI] He had absolutely no intonation. Sort of like, “Yes, it’s started”. In a monotone voice.
[Kai] Ahahaha. Surely, huh. I used to feel nervous.
[NAOKI] You did, didn’t you! You were totally nervous~.
[Kai] It’s because the door was still closed back then, and I was still wondering what was best to do to assail it. But it’s fine now. Now that I know I’ll be fine with anything, I’m going at it continuously!
[NAOKI] Then? What about today’s interview?
[Kai] Today is an interview to open the last door to NAO-san’s heart (lol). It’s an interview for the sake of getting a “YES” for my radio show invitation.
[NAOKI] ORICON-san, this being used, is it really okay?
[ORICON STYLE editor] It’s a 30 minutes free talk, so whatever you wish to talk about is fine!
[Kai] Will you listen to that.
[NAOKI] Don’t just say, ‘will you listen to that’ (lol). You’re so generous, ORICON-san!
[Kai] He’s nice, huh.
[NAOKI] Don’t say ‘he’s nice’ (lol)!
[Kai] Then say YES.
[NAOKI] Ahahaha. With that said, is this interesting? This talk between me and Kai.

— I think it is interesting. Actually, the whole day is interesting (lol). This mood (lol).
[Kai] Right? Listen to that.
[NAOKI] But so far there have been so many jokes between friends. Mostly useless talking.
[Kai] I think that’s good! It won’t be fun if the interview is all about releases! Everyone would like to know more about the deeper things.
[NAOKI] Such as?
[Kai] Like, what’s NAO-san’s fetish?
[NAOKI] Ahahahaha. You are so silly (lol). With that said, in my case, the entire left side of my body is my erogenous zone, so it’s impossible for me to stand only to the left. That sort of thing.
[Kai] Ahahahaha (loud laughter). That was stupid~ (lol). Really, wasn’t that stupid~ (lol).
[NAOKI] This isn’t stupid! Despite me going through such effort of telling you something special! Why did you say it was stupid!
[Kai] I’m really getting used to being with NAO-san~ (lol). He’s a specialist in drawing something out of me.
[NAOKI] Ah, thank you. Okay then, where is Kai’s erogenous zone?
[Kai] Ah, I don’t do such things.
[NAOKI] What the hell, you!
[Kai] Ahahaha (loud laughter). Then again, I know everything about NAO-san. It’s because I guessed NAO-san’s nickname during middle school correctly!
[NAOKI] Ah, right, right. In middle school there was a time when I was called “Nori-san”. I was told I looked like Kinashi Noritake-san. But I didn’t approve it, nor did it sit well with me. And then Kai suddenly said one day, “NAO-san looks a lot like Kinashi Noritake-san, huh.” That’s why I told him, “Don’t even think of saying that twice!” (lol).
[Kai] Ahahaha. You did, you did (lol). Really now, you like me.
[NAOKI] Nah, I didn’t say something like that.
[Kai] Ahahaha. Let’s do it, radio show.
[NAOKI] In the end it’s about that (lol).
[Kai] Yep (lol).
[NAOKI] But isn’t your band busy?
[Kai] We are busy, but despite so, if you agree to do a radio show, I’ll leap right back from wherever I am! When NAO-san calls, I’ll leap right to your place! Even though I’m in the middle of a tour, I’ll fly right back once the live ends!
[NAOKI] If you say such things.
[Kai] When I can’t come, I’ll tell you sorry, I can’t come.
[NAOKI] See there.
[Kai] Ahahahaha.
[NAOKI] What the hell, you (lol).
[Kai] When I can’t come, it’s good if NAO-san comes to visit me instead!
[NAOKI] Ah, I see. Saying that, what the hell!
[Kai] Ahahaha. I really like you. However, NAO-san, more than me, I guess you like our bassist, REITA.
[NAOKI] Ah, REITA, huh. I do, I do like him. I like REITA~.
[Kai] What was that. You didn’t even tell me you like me. I’m a bit jealous (lol). The way you look at REITA is different compared to the way you look at me.

— Were you looking at him from your left side?
[NAOKI] Because it’s my erogenous zone, huh. Ahahaha. But you, don’t go saying stupid things too!
[Kai] Ahahahaha. That was the best retort (lol)! But, that’s it. You’re looking at him from your left side (lol). But, personally, I think that if REITA, me, and NAO-san can get together and talk, it will be more comfortable! It definitely will be fun.
[NAOKI] Well. I’m going to attack Kai, and I think REITA is going to attack Kai as well, in that scheme, I think it will be interesting.
[Kai] Right, right. That seems great. REITA will be showing his true origin in front of NAO-san as well. It’s going to be entirely interesting.
[NAOKI] No, in this matter we’re equal. I’m just the same, when I’m with Kai and REITA, my true origin completely comes out.
[Kai] Right? Hear that. So it’s fixed.
[NAOKI] Fixed, you said. Where are you going to do it!?
[Kai] In that matter, because our manager is working hard to make us famous!
[NAOKI] You’re really going to do it?
[Kai] I am. That’s why I’m asking you, let’s do it. Today, don’t leave until you give me YES as an aswer!
[NAOKI] Ahahaha. It’ll be a bother for ORICON-san!

— Even if he hasn’t given you his answer, once we reach 30 minutes, the session is over (lol).
[Kai] You’re not making this easy, huh (lol).
[NAOKI] That’s right (lol).
[Kai] That’s why, hurry up and say YES! Tell me you’ll do it!
[NAOKI] I’ll do it?
[Kai] Not ‘I’ll do it?’, tell me ‘let’s do it’! Hurry up, we’re closing in to 30 minutes!
[NAOKI] I’ll give it a try?
[Kai] That’s why! Say you’ll do it (lol).
[NAOKI] Should we do it?
[Kai] Ahahaha. Hurry!
[NAOKI] Should I do it, okay.
[Kai] Yes!
[NAOKI] Ah, hang on. Manager hasn’t said “yes”.
[Kai] Nah, it’s fine isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it?
[Manager] Yes. I’ll get it confirmed.
[Kai] As soon as this interview is finished, straightly go and talk about it! If you don’t, I’m seriously going to be upset!
[NAOKI] Ahahaha. Oi, oi, don’t threaten him (lol).
[Kai] Ahahaha. Like I said, I’m serious about this (lol).
[NAOKI] You’re saying it to that extent, then I’ll try to find the time and place to get together.
[Kai] Yes! You’ll definitely do that! No such thing as changing your mind!
[NAOKI] Yes.
[Kai] Yosh. Right, then let’s start from finding a place to stay together (lol)!
[NAOKI] No way. Absolutely, no way! If I have to live with you, I’ll quit (flatly)!
[Kai] Okay, okay! It’s fine even if you don’t live with me!
[NAOKI] Ah, is that so? Good.
[Kai] I did it. I’ve achieved today’s goal!
[NAOKI] With that said, I notice that today, this is absolutely not turning into a dialogue, is it okay?
[Kai] It’s okay, it’s okay. From the very beginning I didn’t plan for any other topic to talk about but this (lol). Now that I’ve achieved my target, everything is fine.
[NAOKI] No, no, you think it’s okay, but what about ORICON-san?
[ORICON STYLE editor] Yes. This is fine.
[NAOKI] You’re really too generous (lol). While we’re at it, this talk about radio show, won’t you air it?
[ORICON STYLE editor] No, well since we don’t have a radio program… …
[NAOKI] Ah, well, there’s no point in what we’ve been talking about.
[Kai] Ahahahaha. Really now, NAO-san is the best! You’re saying out loud all the things I’m thinking of saying (lol). As expected, we have no choice but to do this. Let’s make it happen!
[NAOKI] That’s right, it’ll be nice if we can make it happen.
[Kai] I did it! Ah~. That was fun. I’m satisfied.
[NAOKI] That’s good to hear. For various reasons, I have no idea why I came here (bitter smile).

— I’m looking forward for the plan to materialize. (※ It seems that, afterward, they are heading forward to make it happen)

When Kai x NAOKI’s dialogue was over, as a surprise for Kai whose birthday was near, TOMO showed up again carrying a birthday cake for Kai! He celebrated with everyone!

Translation by: theGazettE_INA team

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