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[Live Report] Girugamesh Burn It All!! ~Yaren no ka? Yaon~ 2012/10/28 Hibiya Open Air Music Hall

Composition and text: Chika Yoshizawa
Trans: Joana
Photo: Taichi Nishimaki

-- girugamesh Burn It All!! ~Yaren no ka? Yaon~
2012/10/28 Hibiya Open Air Music Hall 

On October 28th 2012, girugamesh faced there biggest challenge to date, gathering their fans at Hibiya Open Air Music Hall and presented a live performance that was meant to burn it to the ground. Amidst heavy rain, the strong will of the members and the strong will of the fans created an aggressive live performance that night.
Entering the stage to the SE heavy like a fanfare and then aggressive in sound at intervals, drummer Яyo, bassist ShuU, guitarist Nii and vocalist Satoshi entered the stage.

"Let's go!" Shouted Satoshi in a deep echoing voice, showing his overflowing power to the strong guitar riffs that opened "斬鉄拳 / Zan tetsu ken". Satoshi's voice in growls and vocals matched the aggressive song perfectly. Satoshi fired up the audience and "bit crash" followed, which had the fans jump continuously. While the rain began pouring down heavier, ShuU added more depth to his fast and beautiful bass lines, which was underlined by a quick drum solo onЯyo's part.

Standing behind his drum set, Яyo hit his cymbals hard as "お前に捧げる醜い声 / Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe" and the intro nearly got lost in the excited cheers of the fans, before they started to dance! Satoshi sat down at center stage and was soon joined by his fellow band men, where they joined in to head bang with their audience.

"driving time" began with claps to which Яyo added his rhythm and ShuU presented smooth and energetic bass slaps - accompanied by Nii's crazy guitar play and head banging.

"Thank you very much, we are girugamesh!" Satoshi started. "Since the announcement was made, half a year has passed and eventually the day has come. Welcome to Yaon! I wrote in my blog about the 'Nice weather dolls' and I did this for about a month. However...damn, it's raining!! During this one week, only on our Sunday it is raining. What a miracle." He then asked, whether the crowd was freezing and apologized to the audience, showing a softer side of himself. "Let's create a great atmosphere today anyway! What's rain anyway!"

And with that, girugamesh started right into a new, still untitled song, opened by deep drums and immediately draw the fans into its rhythm. Nii's guitar was matched perfectly with ShuU's bass and Satoshi fueled the fans' urge to scream out loud and sing along. The track was instantly followed by "ALIVE" with its aggressive guitars. With each rap part that Satoshi threw in, the mood of the fans rose, but was softened by his melodious voice during the chorus.

Pink flashing light illuminated the wild performance and "FREAKS" began, as Яyo drummed uo the crowd standing behind his set, making the audience clap along. The dance tune was followed by the yet more aggressive "CRAZY-FLAG". From the intro on the communication between Satoshi and the audience was at its highest and their voices echoed stronger than the rain. The deep bass lines had the audience head bang furiously.

"MISSION CODE" induced wild jumping and the audience went wild with overflowing excitement. For a moment however, the members then took their time to direct a few words at the audience.

Яyo: "I have moved recently, but it is way too far on the country side, so there is nothing around, which is quite troublesome. Yes, it's coring. I am gonna move again next year."

Nii: "I don't think that's it. It's just because girugamesh are the strongest guys."

Each of the members presented a short improvised solo and the crowd was easy to get back into an aggressive mood right after this moment.

While beautiful guitar sounds echoed amidst green lights, "見えない距離 / Mienai Kyori" sped up the pace once again to deep bass sounds and strong cymbals. Satoshi made his strong singing voice heard and the performance of the song could only end in applause. "終わりと未来 / Owari to Mirai" on the other hand stirred the excitement once again, which must have been obvious to the band members as well.

"Are you all excited? There have been a number of trials again today. We have done a couple of projects for 'Break Out' so please have a look at the results." Satoshi announced and after presenting a little gag in the following, the band went back to playing yet another unreleased track. The catchy tune mixed with heavy beats and it was obvious that the crowd enjoyed the song greatly. From there is seemed easy to move on to the fast paced and very rhythmic "sunrise" and the audience spun their towels during the chorus as driven by Satoshi. Nii approached the front of the stage, despite the rain and showed his wild guitar play, which drew cheers from the audience.

The mood did not calm at all and with "DIRTY STORY" and "BORDER" it was certainly just gaining in intensity, leaving no options but to headband in the down pour that night! Satoshi on the other hand spread his arms and faced the sky, feeling the mood of the venue.

"It's dancing time!" Satoshi then exclaimed and under colorful lights girugamesh went right into "絶頂BANG!! / Zecchou BANG!!", which had the whole hall dance, with Nii at the center showing the moves also known from the music video of the track.

The dancing mood was carried right into "evolution" and ShuU and Nii gathered at center stage and played their instruments as if not to lose against the other.

"Let's go for the last!" Satoshi shouted, what must have felt like -way too soon- and "Never ending story" finished of the main set with the fans dancing to the track in the still unforgiving rain.

Yet, the fans were out not to lose against the wet from above, but demanded an encore persistently. In their most recent band shirt, the members came back out onto the set.
"It's been half a year since Yaon had been announced and we have tried a number of things; distributing flyers, selling tickets by hand and more. Thanks to that we feel a lot of gratefulness towards a variety of people. We have also received things like the good weather dolls and thousand cranes, which are hung up as decoration in the back. It rained anyway."

"shining" then began with an aggressive intro, which was contrasted by Satoshi's beautiful high singing voice, underlining the mood of the song that was directly connected to his previous words.

At last "Break Down" marked the end of the performance, being traditionally the final song of a girugamesh concert.

"It has been raining, but I think this has been an extremely great live performance. Thank you very much!"

Despite the unforgiving down pour that night, the passionately aggressive songs of girugamesh along with the enthusiasm of their audience, turned the venue into a heated festival. Half a year of preparation for the performance at Hibiya Open Air Music Hall found its conclusion in gratefulness for the fans and staff members and a great success for girugamesh.

Set List: 1.斬鉄拳/ Zan tetsu ken
2.bit crash
3.お前に捧げる醜い声 / Omae ni Sasageru Minikui Koe
4.driving time

5.新曲 / New Song

10.見えない距離 / Mienai Kyori
11.終わりと未来 / Owari to Mirai

12.新曲 / New Song
16.絶頂BANG!! / Zecchou BANG!!
18.Never ending story

Break Down

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